Clinton's Message

"What is the Gospel Workshop?"  <日本語訳

The goal & emphasis of the Gospel Workshop is to learn
the basics & fundamentals of singing gospel music.

"Shoshin wasuru bekarazu"

(1) Pronunciation, Ear Training & Melody
Students please tape the songs. You may use any kind of tapping device. Tape recorders, Smart Phones, etc. We also give tapes to students of the songs. Try to listen to the songs as often as you can.

(2) Learning “Call & Response” “If you can say it, you can sing it”
In the 17th century slaves in America sang songs called “holler” & “field calls” or slave songs.
The Christian songs of the slaves with images from the Bible, were called Spirituals and the most common theme was about freedom.

(3) Natural Rhythm, Movement, Timing, Clapping
Students learn how to use word connectors & perform.

(4) Developing Natural feeling, Soul & Arrangement
Students learn how to memorize & remember.

(5) Understand the Meaning, Spirit & Culture of gospel songs
Students learn Negro Spirituals & Gospel Songs.

(6) Score or Sheet Music: Students who want to use a score or sheet music
I strongly suggest gospel songs by Thomas Dorsey the “Father of Gospel” born 1899.
You should first get the song, “Take My Hand, Precious Lord”
Before Thomas Dorsey many Negro Spirituals were often “writer unknown.”